October 9th, 2021 - The Waters & Words Flow!

I came to the park today with a head full of words, just looking for a place to work. The fist three picnic tables near the ranger center were occupied, so I kept moving until I found one on a little hill where I can watch people get into and out of their cars and talk to their dogs. It’s funny how people talk to their dogs. I wonder if, in a year, I could write at every single picnic table in the park?

Today I’m very excited to announce my kick-off event with FOJMP and CWC next month. On October 9th, the former will be holding their annual meeting (OUR annual meeting; I’m part of this group) at noon on the steps. At 12:30, something very exciting happens: the water comes on! The restoration committee has managed to get the water flowing again! Here’s the flyer for that:

After that event, we’ll all spread our blankets at the Fire Circle and enjoy “A Blanket and a Basket of Chow.” This catch phrase has been used by the CWC for decades, hearkening back to Joaquin Miller’s invitation to artists. His "outdoor salons" featured local writers in “The Hights” socializing, talking shop, and generally making merry in the form of “hi-jinx” and “lo-jinx.” Apparently they use these terms at the exclusive Bohemian Club as well; there’s a reason for that and I’ll get to that later.)

At this picnic, I will be hosting a lineup of local literary lights to read their stuff AND the works of former local literary lights! At this hour-long program, called “From Ina to Ayodele,” These CWC members will read works by CWC’s founding members and/or literary figureheads.
  • Paul Corman Roberts – founder & host of Beast Crawl – reading a work by Joaquin Miller.
  • Karma Bennett – current president of the Berkeley Branch of the California Writers Club – reading a work by Jack London
  • Randy MacNair – poet & speaker chair of the CWC – reading a work by George Sterling
  • Amos White – poet & founder of 100K Trees for Humantiy – reading works by Yone Noguchi
And our featured guest,
  • Dr. Ayodele “Wordslanger” Nzinga – OAKLAND’S FIRST POET LAUREATE – reading works by Ina Coolbrith, California's first poet laureate AND the first poet laureate in the U.S.!
All of these artists will also read some of their own writing, and we may also get to hear some new voices if time. See who inspires you!

You can find more information about this on both the CWC and FOJMP websites. 
Please come and enjoy the day, and learn about the Park’s rich literary history and hopes for the future.

------------------------ COVID STUFF ---------------------------

Masks and social distancing are recommended! By attending this event, you agree to these three things:


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