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Rinihmu Pulte’irekne: Right Relationship

We cannot overstate the significance of what just happened here in Oakland! Concept art courtesy Sogora Te' Sequoia Point, which teens in the 50s and 60s used as a necking spot (ahem, how many Oaklanders were made there?) and from the looks of all the broken bottles and butts is still a prime party spot, is no longer Sequoia Point. And it has been returned to its proper place in history, as Ohlone land. Not a reservation, but a rematriation. Those five acres have been renamed Rinihmu Pulte’irekne , which means "Above the Red Ocher" in the Chechenyo language, which was spoken by the people of this for 1000 years. (The East Bay has been inhabited since 4000 B.C.) With a few other Friends of Joaquin Miller Park , I attended the Land Back ceremony in December. Festivities began at dusk, with a shivvering crowd gathered around leathered and feathered dancers from different tribes dancing on the near-freezing patio of the Chabot Science Center. They led the crowd in pra