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California Writers Circle: Poets on Earth

  For Earth Day this year, the whole CWC is coming up to the Park for a Write-in and an open mic . Here are all the important links! Location: Sign in at the Abbey and walk up lower Sanborn Road to the California Writers Circle. Audio Tour:   Download this track before you get there since signal may be limited. Start listening at the yellow gate, walk slowly, and pause at the statue. Start walking again when you hear "the castle-like structure." Music: We Awoke to the Sun by Merrill Collins. (Can't hear it? read it here .) Write-in 1:30pm There will be writing prompts available; bring a laptop or notebook and be prepared to get creative, focused, angry, inspirational! Planet Vs Plastics (check for links!) Poets vs Plastics Writing Prompts & Actions Reading 2:30pm There will be a sign-up sheet at the event, and some poetry by earlier voices to share. Our featured readers are: author, publisher and ecopoet Lucille Lang Day;  poet, teacher and literary community builde