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Dog Parks: Jack London's Dogs

There was a work day in September at which an army of volunteers from Oakland's Rotary Club appeared to clear away debris that had piled up over the years, and give the Dog Parks a refresh. Their assistance was so gratefully received, as the Park continues to struggle, even with more city hires in 2022. Joaquin Miller is the City's largest park, half the size of Golden Gate Park, has been embattled, like the whole city has, with petty crimes such as vandalism and graffiti.  But the dogs don't know that. They have a dedicated and fenced off-leash dog area with 1.25 acres to socialize like dogs do: sniffing butts, herding, chasing balls, and fake-fighting. Need a shot of pure joy? Come and watch them play. Watching the happy hounds frolic in this rare safe play space for citizen canines, I couldn't help but imagine what Jack London would think about those anthropocentric words I just used in the first clause of this sentence. His stories have dogs in raw interfaces with