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California Writers Circle: A Community Kitchen

As we prepared to send in our proposal  to give the Fire Circle a makeover  last week, something wasn't sitting right with me. Was it seeing those little Wednesday outdoor school kids climbing around on the cracking, crumbling cement structure? Was it having somewhere to hang our CWC banner at our Earth Day poetry event? Was it the gentle backdrop to all those amazing poets (Nanette Deetz, Richard Loranger, Lucille Lang Day et al)? Was it the way Bob Stephens curled up like some drunken beat poet in the sliver of shade that slab provided? Yes. YES. So much yes! The way we all  interacted with the space—food on one side, poetry on the other—made me realize this spot was thoughtfully designed for parties. I listened to President Keith deliver his puzzled, hilarious description of meat shopping for meat , and while staring at the shapes behind him, realized... Those are ziggurats! Yes, this classical, geometric stairstep pattern is an iconic Art Deco detail. How had I missed that all