Write in the Hights!*

Calling all writers who love nature! 

Starting in November, I've begun hosting a mid-month writing retreat in the Park. Come any time during the day, take a walk and explore, and find a place to put some words on paper. Look for other writers at the Ranger Station - inside or outside - at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm to make connections and share your work.

This event is sponsored by the California Writers Club. We offer a monthly speaker series on the craft and business of writing, numerous support and critique groups, and social events for networking and fellowship. The history of the CWC is interwoven with the history of Joaquin Miller Park. We are made up of writers at all stages of our careers, writing in all genres and media, embracing the rich diversity of California Writers.

Add Write in the Hights* to your calendar!

Visit Joaquin Miller Park! Bring a notebook and write!

(*Joaquin Miller humorously mis-spelt his home hill.)


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