Meadow: The Creek in Chaos

The creek has burst its boundaries after the big rains, and is dancing past dumpsters and  carving deep ravines through the now lush-green meadow. I walked with a childlike friend who grinned into the big puddles and whooped over the roaring waterfall at the crossroads bridge.

"It's like therapy to me," she noted, "to see the wild chaos after a big event, as part of nature's plan. It makes me feel like what's happening inside me isn't so weird at all."

Yeah, I totally get that.We came across yet another fallen tree and adopted some branches to bring home for the holidays. Across the ravine, a woman and her dog had to crawl under branches. 

Out by the front of the park, someone had lovingly festooned a snag with shiny bulbs.

Trees are falling, trees are dying. Nature's not keeping up.

I had a long conversation the other day with Tim Vendlinski, the Oak Saver. Read this article! This is Oakland. We need to plant a thousand Oak trees next year. Starting with a tree for Ayodele.


  1. We have a bunch of trees in our yard. Where else can we put another?


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