A Poem About Joaquin

 This morning, I drove through “God Rays” as the sun on the hills pierced the pea-soup fog that snuggled around the city.  In the Park it's mellow, green and sunny. A state of grace. 

Here’s a poem I found about Joaquin Miller, written by California's first poet laureate, the amazing Miss Ina.

The Poet

He walks with God upon the hills!
….And sees, each morn, the world arise
….New-bathed in light of paradise.
He hears the laughter of her rills,
….Her melodies of many voices,
….And greets her while his heart rejoices.
She to his spirit undefiled,
Makes answer as a little child;
….Unveiled before his eyes she stands,
….And gives her secrets to his hands.

Ina Coolbrith, Century, December 1885; Songs from the Golden Gate (1895)

photo by Felix Baum


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