The Poet's Nest: Where Are My Keys?

Every time I come up to the Ranger station, I check the display on the desk, and tidy it up a bit. There's so much great info here, about helping the community and defensible space and things to do in Oakland. I call the space behind the desk "The Poet's Nest" and envision a different poet working there each week, with a little sign, *The Poet is In." How cool would that be? What if people knew they could stop by and ask for some fresh poetry at the counter, along with a trail map?

This trail map, by the way, do you have one? I went to my eye doctor yesterday in the Dimond and he told me he hands out trail maps to his clients, as prescriptions! 

I brought a basket up to tidy up the Lost and Found clutter on the counter. Do you know anyone who has lost their keys? Their travel mug? Have you found a camera or an iPhone? Please stop in! Once I found a bag of prescriptions! There was an address on the bag. I delivered them to their owner, hating the idea that someone was suffering somewhere. I left a note and they wrote to me, that I had restored their faith in humanity. It's been a rough time, and human kindness is at a premium. And look, there are so many angels out there!

I said this to Michael, who had borrowed his shut-in mom's camera to take some trail pics for her... but when he got back to his car, his bag had fallen off his bike! I hope someone reads this...and mom gets her camera back... with pictures of the trees!
Right next to the basket is this high-tech gadget that will take your temperature and tell you to put on a mask. Sometimes when I get up to stretch I stop in and say hi to myself 🤣.


  1. You have a most interesting aura.

    1. I don't love the laser target on the forehead so much... 😂


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