The Song Book Project

Calling all kids—and their grownups—who like to draw! Be part of the

“Joaquin Miller Went Walkin” Song Book!

When the engaging Joaquin Miller Song becomes a picture book, all kids in Oakland will be able to feel more connected to the East Bay Hills. Would you like to help make this happen?

Stop by the Ranger Center and grab a “Scavenger Hunt” list before a hike, or print one out here. See how many living things you can find from the list. Draw a sketch on the back. Then come for a drawing party!

  • Maybe you love nature so much you want to sing about it?
  • Maybe you're a poet like Joaquin Miller was?
  • Maybe you just like to draw?

book cover concept

Invite the author to come to your school!

Who was Joaquin Miller? And why did he walk?

Focusing on the California coastal hills through the eyes of the poet who created Oakland’s most spectacular natural resource, the song provides ecological and historical education through the experience of music and art. 

Do you play guitar? Do you perform? Would you like to make a recording? 

We'd love for everyone in Oakland to learn this song! Stay tuned for community sing-alongs at Woodminster Amphitheater starting this summer!

Kids love this song! 

See the art startDonations welcome!


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